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Why We Are Different!

Custom Subscription Options

Other subscriptions limit you to 2, 3, or 5 fresheners per month. We give you the ability to choose from various scent options ranging from 1-6 Sniffz For Your Whip every month.

More Scent Options

We not only provide more options (7) we also offer unique scents you can't get anywhere else! We plan on expanding the options as well as new scents are developed. If you have any suggestions send us an E-mail!

High Quality and Long Lasting

We spent countless hours searching for a manufacturer that could meet our standard of quality. This research allows Sniffz For Whipz to provide high quality long lasting Air Fresheners (Up to 2 weeks). Additionally, our products are MADE IN THE USA!!!     

Buy Individually

Love Our Scents? Buy as many as you want anytime! The competition only provides their products through the subscription process. Our website allows you to subscribe OR buy your favorite Sniffz in the quantity you want!

Multiple Buying Options!


Join Sniffz For Whipz Subscription service and receive the fresheners of your choice shipped to your door every month ranging from $2.50 to $8 depending on how many Sniffz For Your Whip you want every month!

Buy Individually

Unlike the competition we have the option of buying our air fresheners individually. If you love our scents head over to the "Individual Fresheners" tab to order any of our one-of-a-kind scents in the quantity you want. 

Gift Subscriptions

A Sniffz For Whipz Subscription is a great gift for anyone with a car! Go to the Monthly Subscription tab and select "Prepay Subscription" and choose the numbers of months you would like to send as a gift. Then select "Is this a gift?" and check the box next to that option!

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Tropical citrus

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How It works


Choose A Plan Based On Sniffz Per Month

Select the plan that works best for you. Ranging from $2.50 up to $8 a month depending on the quantity you choose. The more Sniffz you purchase the more money you save!


Decide Which Scents You Want

Choose from a wide variety of scents for your subscription. Try our most popular scents “black diamond” or “sport” and everything in between!


Receive Your Sniffz Every Month

Once you place your subscription order your Sniffz for you Whip will arrive every month right to your door! No more going to the auto parts store or supermarket!


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